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Level Up Now by Raising Your Prices

You Probably Need to Raise Your Prices

When it comes to operating a business one of the biggest questions we all have is ‘How much should I charge?’ While I can’t tell you how much you should charge, I can give you an idea of why it’s more than you think. Tune in as I discuss why you probably need to raise...

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Money, Fear, and Freedom

This week, I share a resource that completely changed my life. It helped me to drastically shift my mindset around money. This episode is for you if you’re struggling with your finances, are wanting to go to the next financial level but don’t know how, or you’re ready...

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When it Comes to Pricing, You Have to Do The Math

This week, I tackle one of the biggest questions that business owners have, “How much should I charge?” I share the formula that literally shifted my outlook and helped me restructure my business from struggle to more sustainable. Follow at instagram.com/creativedba....

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Consistency is Your Currency

This week, I open up about a personal struggle that I’m still working to overcome. I also share what some of the biggest content creators taught me about money and success. Follow at instagram.com/creativedba. Music by grandsupreem.com.

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