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What is a clarity session?

A Clarity Session is an individual coaching session that allows you to quickly discuss a topic without entering into a long-term coaching contract. The goal is to focus on one single topic and then create an action or actions to help you move forward quickly.


Space to Share

Your friends and family can only help you so much. It’s time to talk with an experienced professional, that’s me, that wants to see you win at your goals.


Assess Your Actions

During the Clarity Session we’ll take a deeper assessment of what’s working and what’s not working in your professional journey. From there, we’ll draft a plan for your next steps.


Deeper Discovery

What if the thing that’s holding you back is something you’ve yet to discover. Not only will we look at what you want to achieve we’ll explore what might get in the way of your success.


Follow Through

Our time together doesn’t end when the session ends. Together we’ll create meaningful actions that will help you to get intentional results. We’ll discuss your results when we meet again in 2-weeks.

Let’s Talk Expectations




I’m a certified professional coach. I’ve spent the last six years studying human behavior and how we can create change to get us results.


Space dedicated to you

The focus of the clarity session is all about YOU. Everything is structured to help you get the clarity you need to take meaningful action and have intentional results.


A Process for next steps

Our session ends with you having a clear understanding of the actions you’ll complete for your success.



You bring the topic

You’re responsible for bringing the topic we’re going to discuss because only you know what’s frustrating you.


Readiness to grow

The impact you receive from the session will be determined by how ready you are to grow, your willingness to fully participate in the session and if you complete your action steps 


Follow Through

Completing the actions we outline at the end of the session is the only way you’ll achieve intentional results.


Wait. . . Before You Book

Just like coaching, Clarity Sessions are an important investment. Therefore, I want to be straight forward on who this is NOT for.



You're not ready to do the work

If you’re not ready to do the work to accomplish your goals then it doesn’t make sense for you to make this investment. Success requires meaningful action and only you can complete that action.


You want me to tell you what to do

I believe that you and only you can truly know what you want or should do. My work is to ask you important questions that’ll help you discover your own answers.


You want me to guarantee your success

As stated so many times on this page, your success will be determined by your readiness to grow, your full participate in the session, and if you complete your actions. I cannot guarantee your success.


Three Steps to Schedule Your Clarity Session

Schedule Your First Session

The link below will take you to my calendar where you can schedule the Clarity Session. The first session is 90-minutes and the follow-up session is 30-minutes. We’ll schedule your follow-up session during our first call.

Answer a Few Questions and Pay

As your completing the booking process, you’ll complete a questionnaire to help me learn more about your situation. This will help us maximixe our time together. You’ll also be prompted on the next step to pay the $497 fee. This fee covers both the first session and the follow-up session. Please note, there are no refunds.

Prepare for Your Session

You’ll receive a Zoom link for our scheduled session. Before we meet, it’s a good time to prepare for the meeting by making sure you have everything you want to discuss, you’ll have no distractions during the call, and have a notebook and pen to take notes.


Are you ready to move forward with meaningful action?

Schedule your session today! Please note: You’ll be prompted to answer a few questions and make your payment as you schedule your session.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you coach?

Technically. . .  I can coach everyone. However, I find myself coaching creative professionals, college students and entry-level professionals the most. Most of the people who contact me are interested in starting their career or freelance business.

If you’re interested in coaching with me, go ahead and schedule a Discovery Call. Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.

What do people talk about in a coaching session?

That’s a great question! Since I’m a career and business coach people tend to discuss choosing the right career, trouble starting their career or questions around building a freelance business. Please keep in mind that I don’t give advice or provide consultation services! I’m a true believer in the power of coaching and part of that power is knowing that the answers the client seek are already within them. My job is to ask you the right questions for those answers to be revealed.

Is coaching like therapy?

No. Therapist are licensed professionals who tend to focus on helping clients heal from previous life events. Coaches do not have a license. We focus on working empowering clients to move past their mental blocks to accomplish their goals.

How can you guarantee my success?

Simply put: I cannot guarantee your success. Your results are determined by your readiness, full participation in the session and follow through in completing your action items.

What happens during our session?

Each session is conducted over Zoom on a video call. We’ll start the session laying the foundation on what you would like to discuss. Then, I’m going to ask you a ton of exploratory questions to help us gain awareness on what’s really holding you back. We’ll end each session by establishing action steps you’ll complete before we meet again.

What happens after or between sessions?

In-between sessions, you’ll be working on completing your action items. We’ll meet approximately on a bi-weekly basis.

Clarity Sessions include a (1) time 30-minute follow-up session approximately 2-weeks later.

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching is definitely an investment and my most premium offering for individuals. Individual coaching sessions range from $250 – $497 per session.

Clarity Sessions are $497 per 90-minute session which also includes a 30-minute follow-up session for a total of 2 hours of coaching.

Coaching Sessions are $250 per 60-minute session and require a minimum 6-month commitment. 

*Please note that these prices can change at any time even if the website is not updated.

What if I need more than one session?

You do have the option to choose on-going coaching. My coaching package requires a 6-months minimum commitment.  Please visit the coaching page for more information.

What if I can't afford your coaching services but need help with my business or career?

I know what it’s like to not have the budget for certain growth opportunities. That’s why I’ve been intentional in creating FREE-mium and low cost digital content to help you with your growth. This will give you access to content and resources that address specific issues you may face in your professional and even personal development. I encourage you to visit my resources page for more information. Content is being added every month to that page. You can also join my newsletter to receive tips, encouragement, resources and reviews specifically written for creative professionals.


Are you ready to move forward with meaningful action?

Schedule your session today! Please note: You’ll be prompted to answer a few questions and make your payment as you schedule your session.