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so that I can help support creative business owners on their journey

I Became the Person I Once Needed

I’m a coach and creative business owner with a passion for helping creatives win at business. My niche is helping creative freelancers and entrepreneurs identify and remove the barriers keeping them from developing and sustaining a viable creative business. 

Like you, I understand the mental, emotional, and financial struggles of being a creative business owner. I understand the difficulty in managing the desire to create while also lacking the proper business knowledge and support needed for turning your passion into profit. 

Building a business is hard enough on its own. It's exponentially more difficult without clarity and accountability; which makes it that much easier to fall into the trap of not reaching your full creative potential. My aim is to provide you with the clarity and accountability you need to turn your creative thoughts into a business.

I share the tools, resources, and processes I've amassed through the 15 years of owning my own creative business. 

No matter the stage of creative entrepreneurship you’re in, I can help transform those seemingly impossible dreams into probable outcomes

About  Me


I coach creatives who want to start or sustain a business but are in need of support and accountability.